Award-winning brokerage turns to commodities fuel and oil product hedging for UK businesses


We are introducing the opportunity for UK companies to fix their fuel costs, via simple financial tools and with no change to your physical supply chain.

Hedging tools for protecting against oil market fluctuations have historically been reserved for multi-national corporates due to the large package sizes on commodities exchanges.

Foenix Partners, an award-winning brokerage, has secured a specialist FCA licence and implemented a new formula to deliver these products to mid-market firms for the first time.

Solutions are customised based on anticipated requirements and the effect is simply of fixing monthly fuel spend – all via zero cost strategies.



Our commodities capabilities are not limited to fuel but extend across all oil products and the full commodities complex, including softs, base and precious metals.

We don’t facilitate speculation but work with consumers and producers wishing to mitigate their natural exposure to fluctuations in traded commodity market benchmarks.

Within a short call and based on information from you, we’ll quickly establish the value of this to your business