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The smart way to manage your FX

FNX is a leading foreign exchange platform doing things differently.

  • Transparent and upfront, all our rates are wholesale so you get the very best prices and our pricing is crystal clear, no more getting stung by hidden fees.
  • Automated and unfancy, the system is totally self-service so you can exchange currency 24/7 without paying for bells and whistles you simply don’t need.
  • Totally free to use, because you shouldn’t have to pay to manage your money!

FX made easy

If like us, you believe every UK business should have free access to great FX rates, not just the likes of the FTSE 100, read on.

Priority Payments

Priority payments as standard. So your beneficiaries receive funds in the shortest time period possible.

Wholesale FX Prices

Say goodbye to unexpected fees and premiums. Access wholesale prices for free through the FNX platform.

Automated System

Instant payments and settlement at the click of a button through the FNX automated system.

Self Serve Dashboard

No more calls to FX brokers. Get full transparency with real time currency rates 24/7.

What do our customers think?

“The rates you are able to access through Foenix are phenomenal. And with such focus on the bottom-line currently, the rates they somehow manage to deliver makes a difference. The online platform is intuitive, straightforward and pragmatic. I made the jump from AMEX and have no regrets – they outperform in every respect.”


“Working with FNX has been a great experience, response to my emails and queries have been fast and immediate. I get the best rate and even managed to save a few quid at the last minute and will save a lot of money in the future.”



4 steps to currency freedom

With FNX you also get free access to our risk management service which helps you protect your company and preserve profits with a currency risk management strategy that’s tailored to your business.

Step 1.

Begin with a free FX consultation with our expert team to understand your FX needs and goals.

Step 2.

Our team will develop a bespoke FX solution to meet your goals and budget rates.

Step 3.

We provide expert guidance and work with you to establish hedging strategies.

Step 4.

Your personal trader will execute your strategy, providing regular, proactive updates

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