Fuel Hedging with Fuel Lock

Fuel Lock is a one-of-a-kind, specialist hedging tool offering UK Hauliers budget security by fixing future fuel prices without changing suppliers.

Most hauliers and logistics firms, perhaps yours included, feel forced to simply accept fuel price fluctuations from suppliers or at the pump, despite the significant risk to gross profit margins.

This exposure can be totally avoided.

With Fuel Lock, small and mid cap hauliers with turnovers <£100m can access fuel hedging for the first time.

It’s simple, customised hedging to mitigate your unwanted market risk.

You can:

  • Lock in the price you pay for fuel for 3-36 months
  • Benefit from the same system used by international hauliers for decades
  • Remove uncertainty in the price of your fuel
  • Start small as proof of how effective it is



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Want to know more?

To understand more about fuel hedging and how it works to protect your profit margins, including pricing and payment details, see our complete guide to ‘The What, Why & How of Fuel Hedging’

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