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Today’s traded price: 126.49

*Updated 01st December at 9:00am

The traded price is the day’s traded diesel price converted into pence per litre (traded benchmark, e.g. PLATTS+ fuel duty), without the delivery charges or supplier mark-ups applied by your local, physical fuel supplier.

Hedging via the traded price can be an effective hedge because all UK (physical) fuel prices are ultimately determined by traded benchmarks.

Fuel Price Movements

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2022 Fuel Data

oCT – Fuel Data 3

The data for 2021 is intended to provide information via which our active customers can monitor the performance of their fuel hedging.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require historic fixing data.

Historical Fuel Data

Historical Data
Did you know you can enter a simple financial hedge to manage fuel price fluctuations by fixing at today’s forward rates?
Your physical fuel purchases are completely unaffected and continue however the company wishes to manage its fuel supply.

These are standard tools within the treasury teams of multi-national and listed firms but innovative and award-winning specialists, Foenix Partners, have made these available in smaller, customised packages for all UK hauliers and logistics firms.

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